About Orthodontics

The goals of an orthodontist are  threefold:  Esthetics, Function and Stability.  First, your orthodontist will transform your smile into something beautiful and he/she will correct your bite.  Having a better smile boosts your confidence.  You will feel good about yourself and you will take better care of your brand new smile.  Your bite is also improved through orthodontics, allowing for better function, better oral hygiene, and it also prevents excessive wear and trauma to teeth.  Finally, your orthodontist will try to set your bite so that it is as stable as possible.  However, you must still do your part and wear your retainers. 

For comprehensive orthodontic treatment, there are four main categories.  At Orthodontique, we offer all 4 types and we only use the best quality materials.

  • Metal braces
  • Clear braces
  • Clear aligners such as INVISALIGN
  • Invisible (Lingual) braces

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient.  The typical experience lasts from one to three years depending on the severity of the problem, individual response to treatment, compliance, and other factors.  Due to the multiple variables that affect treatment progress, the estimated treatment time cannot be precise.  Sometimes orthodontic treatment must be combined with jaw surgery, dental implants and/or extractions and these may prolong treatment time as well.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Clear Brackets