Rosenberg, TX Residents, Discover Orthodontique

Dr. Quynh Tan is an orthodontist serving the Rosenberg, TX community.  Dr. Tan's private practice, Orthodontique, offers a complete array of advanced orthodontic services for your family.  Over the years, Dr. Tan has helped many patients with their vast array of their orthodontic needs.  At Orthodontique, a variety of quality orthodontic appliances are offered, including:  Mini Metal Braces, Radiance Clear Braces,Lingual Harmony Braces, Self-ligating Braces, and Invisalign! 

If you are seeking exceptional orthodontic care in Rosenberg, TX Dr. Tan invites you to Orthodontique, where you will find a full-service orthodontic practice focused on your individual needs.  Her team is dedicated to giving you a beautiful smile and best service possible in a friendly environment!